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Thread: A new way to Network - Online Job Boards & Recruiting

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    A new way to Network - Online Job Boards & Recruiting

    Hello everyone! My name is Barbara and I am a truck driver recruiter of 13 years. I worked with large & small outfits, hiring drivers from all over the world. Also, not to mention I'm a truck drivers daughter. So you can pretty much say, I been in the trucking industry since the day I was born.
    Today I am a unemployed recruiter, seeking a way to change the recruitment process for truck drivers, across the board.

    I have millions of questions to ask but these are a few to start:
    What you do & don't like about finding a job?
    Where do you go to find your next job?
    Do you have a hard time finding the "really" good driving jobs?
    What would make you keep coming back to a job board, such as long after you found your dream job, if any?(Such as On-line log book program, GPS, online Tuck Stop store)
    Do you go directly to the company's websites to apply? Or do you just call the recruitment department up?
    Would you like to "Network" with other drivers online?
    Would you pay $1.99 for a unlimited membership on a job board that offered services for career development?
    Do online ads on trucker sites annoy you? How much is too much?

    I am open to ANY suggestions y'all might have -

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    Welcome to the forum DrivingOTR. These are great questions. We are also planning to put up some load boards and job boards here. Tell us more about your experience.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie View Post
    Welcome to the forum DrivingOTR. These are great questions. We are also planning to put up some load boards and job boards here. Tell us more about your experience.
    Hi Marie. My name is Barbara. Load & job boards sounds like a great idea.
    What I wish to accomplish is to bridge the gap between drivers & companies as a whole. I been unemployed since October & I have noticed myself, that it takes SO much time (averaging from 15 min. up to 45 min.) just to apply to one job!! That is just insane!!! Now I can understand 100% why our unemployment rate is still too high, in my opinion as a recruiter.

    Also, if you are not familiar with how ATS systems really work, your uploaded resume, may NEVER come up in a recruiters search if you did not go back and copy & paste it into the open fields on the ATS system. Taleo is one of them that does this. I used Taleo for about 2 1/2 years at my last employer, and it was not candidate friendly nor recruiter friendly because of this.
    There were times that I would type in "Truck Driver, OTR, Class A, Tanker, Hazmat" into the search criteria & I would get a list of candidates ranging from Accountants to Hairdressers, and not one single truck driver profile! And it was not because there were no Tuck Drivers that have not applied on our site, it was all because they elected not to copy & paste their information in & just upload some form of a resume.

    How long have you had this site up & running?

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    Thanks for the info, Barbara. I did a little research about ATS and it said that an estimated 50% of all mid-sized to large companies use some type of applicant tracking system. But like you said, error-prone tracking systems can be a pain and may kill job seekers' chances of landing an interview. So how would you exactly change the way recruitment processes go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrivingOTR View Post
    How long have you had this site up & running?
    We started inviting truckers and drivers to join the forum last December 2012. It's definitely a long way to go.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    You have a lot of work cut out for you. You would need to standardize the interface to your ATS system. Using XML documents might be a good solution. XML uses tags to define data fields. Example: <first name>...</first name>,; <last name>...</last name>; etc. the ellipsis represent the data.
    For example,

    You might show drivers an online form to fill out 1 time with the required information used by the ATS system. i.e.. Name, address, etc

    Then via software, read the form and wrap the data in XML tags and allow the user to download the new document, which would look like the following.

    <first name>John</first name>
    <last name>Trucker</last name>
    <address>123 my St.</address>

    If the ATS system does not have an XML interface, one would have to be written to extract the data defined buy the XML tags and save it to the ATS database. Almost any decent systems person should be able to do this fairly easily. None system persons will do well just to understand it.
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