Failure to upgrade older diesel engines: This has been the noncompliance of an Ontario-based refrigerated transportation and cold storage business, resulting them to be fined $300,000 by the San Bernardino County Superior Court.

Air Resources Board (ARB) investigation revealed that the company did not meet the required current emissions standards in its refrigerated trailer fleet.

Although the engines on trucks and trailers are relatively small, large numbers of these engines congregate at distribution centers, truck stops, and other facilities, resulting in the potential for health risks to those that live and work nearby. See the case info.

The ARB then referred the matter to the Attorney General for prosecution because the company refused and continued to operate the high-polluting TRUs. But eventually, the business owners sold their non-compliant units and leased cleaner TRU trailers, about 18 months later than their competitors. Source: J.J. Keller