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Thread: How to keep B-truck ramps operating smoothly

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    How to keep B-truck ramps operating smoothly

    I'm using different B-trucks every day. The pull-out ramps oftentimes get jammed up. It looks like the aluminum ramp runs on wood rails on the inside.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on what a driver can do to keep the ramps operating smoothly?

    Thank you!

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    Look down the area for anything that is jamming the ramps. If you find something, remove it. You can also spray a little soap solution on the wood.
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    Keep the ramps straight while you are pulling them out a little higher, same when pushing them back in. Hold em not too high or it will be binding up. after you have it out, spray some soapy solution on the slides, and put it back in or go under it and clean the slides.
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