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View Poll Results: Owner-operators: When would be the best time to retire?

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  • Age 65 or 66

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  • Age 67 or older

    1 20.00%
  • It depends on the stock market

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Thread: POLL for the WEEK!

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    POLL for the WEEK!

    Question to all of the owner-operators.
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    one never retires its always in you to motor down some strainge road.. i i semi retired last december, and i miss it every day

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    My attitude about retirement is, When I decide that I want to!
    I have no intention of retireing until they tell me that I can't do this anymore for some reason or other...After 40 years out here, I'm still havin' a good time and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I first started driving.

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    Depends on motivation!

    I agree with you both that it actually depends on one's own choice. If you love it and aren't tired of doing it then hell yeah keep workin. But if its starting to get into the steeper side of the business, then you might consider retiring before everything's gone.

    I'm just wondering if any of you has advice for a small business owner/operator nearing retirement age. what would be the necessary steps to take to ensure a comfortable retirement?
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    Successful planning would include ongoing coordination and planning. Some people nearing retirement consider hiring a financial planner to determine the amount of income they need and to guide them in meeting the time frame desired. Also, benefits analysis and long-term care are important matters to discuss. These are just a few things to get started.
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