Becoming an effective trainer is a promising thing. You get to see your expertise being passed on to others and it gives you a feeling of fulfillment. If you are interested in being a driver trainer, there are some things that should be in your preparation list. First, examine your motives.

What are your motives?:
- To have a bigger paycheck - this can be a wrong reason if you're looking at training simply because of the increased paycheck
- It's a nice thing to do - you ought to be careful about this. You want to teach with a firm hand because if not, some aggressive trainees will walk all over you.
- To apply your teaching skills and experience - in this case you must be flexible. Not all teaching styles have the same methodology.
- To fill an emotional or social need - there are people who don't work well with others, so try not to make this your first motive. You may consider having a pet to travel with you, too.
- You want to give back to the industry who has been good to you - now this one is an ex****ent motive. You want to train because you wanted to build up better and safer drivers.

What are the best steps to take?:
- You need a series of guidelines on how training should be done.
- To see some available record sheets as guide, click here.