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Thread: Choosing Auto-Carriers

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    Choosing Auto-Carriers

    Car hauling is a challenging job. One must know the in's and out's of auto-hauling. As a start, others go for team driving. There are these top three companies that are popular among drivers. Comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

    1. United Road: Premier auto transport company in North America. Drivers are required to have 6 months OTR experience and Class A CDL.

    2. JMN Logistics: This company offers a free training program for 3.5 weeks long. Trainees have to pay for expenses like food and lodging. There is a possibility that you will be absorbed at the end of the training.

    3. Texas Auto Carrier: The company is based out of San Antonio. Drivers run primarily Texas and home on weekends. Pay is 25% of the load.

    Are there former or current drivers from these companies? Or drivers from other companies who have good experiences? Perhaps you might add another company that new drivers could evaluate. Thanks!
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    Any new job listings?

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    Hi Harry,
    You are in the wrong thread. Job listings are in job classifieds thread but almost all of the job hirings posted are in USA.
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