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Thread: How Did you Start your Reefer Business?

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    Question How Did you Start your Reefer Business?

    I have come across this article about making money in the reefer business. According to it, there are 7 steps in order to start the business.

    1. Use clean and good equipment (no junk trailers).
    2. Know your seasons (produce).
    3. Know truck densities. How many trucks you are competing against in a particular area.
    4. Know the rates. Usually later in the week means more money. Running a team seems to be the most sought after, and make sure they pay for it.
    5. Choose brokers wisely. This is the hard part because you have to find brokers that won't screw you. Ask questions and research them so you can get good information about them.
    6. Be patient in selecting a load. Calculate it, not just because the load pays well; going out or back, add the total miles and tolls and your fuel minus out your gross = net.
    7. Remember cheap freight will hurt you. Never start a relationship hauling cheap freight. You will get tagged and will regret it.

    Hope this helps. For those who are starting reefer business or those who already took off, please post your tips here.
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    I would say take good care of your load. One thing to remember is that most of the places you would go have cameras. this can be a big help when it comes to security. Much better if you have recorders in the truck. When transporting perishable goods, it is wise to wrap thermal paper around iced items. Also any leafy type produce that can freeze easily should be wrapped at the top to protect from freezing especially the tall ones closer to the chute.
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    Any produce at the rear should be protected by wrap or plastic. This gives the receiver the impression that you care about their product and have less chance of a claim.
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    I think we should not forget the most obvious thing.. Plan your Route. The faster the delivery, the faster you earn. Not only that, it will also add reputation to your business. Clients will surely hire you for next load.

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    Consider the rates and type of goods you transport and how far you could have faster delivery of it.

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