One of the ways that you can organize your trip very well is keeping a journal or a record of your trip. Here are some ideas to consider:

Keep a small notepad or scribble pad
-Start your trip off, get information and write the basics down i.e.
- Trip number
- Directions to destination
- Pick up number if it's a live load,
- or if you are supposed to pick up a trailer

It's just another basic pick up information pad so if it's messy or you make errors you can straight things out and put it neatly afterwards in a bigger notepad.

A bigger notepad:
-This is where you write all your trip information neatly like:
- Pick-up numbers
- Reference numbers
- Company that is picking up and what trailer you are picking up
- the license number of the trailer
- How many loaded miles and empty miles,
- Company that is delivering to (live delivering or from dropping the trailer)
- ***** numbers

In this way you will have a complete journal of a complete load, not just rough information on the small pad. Don't forget to put the date above the page too, so if someone asks about the load you did a week ago, you can go through your notepad and it has all the information pertaining to that load.

Keep a journal for your pay (leather covered):
-In this journal you can do one page per load and have columns in each page.
- Write each week down
- Date and destination that the load is going to
- Empty miles and loaded miles
- Any expenses that you had such as tolls and faxes
- Trip number, mileage

Keep it neat and put no other load information here. This is more like a personal journal so you can keep track of what load you are supposed to get each week. You may also put what company holds you, as far as reimbursement goes. And you may add another column for extra pay you're supposed to get, like those who are in flatbed who get extra pay for chaining, tarping, strapping, doing extra drops, boarder pay, etc.

So how about you? How do you organize your trip? Post your tips here!