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Thread: JOB CLASSIFIEDS: General Rules - READ Before Posting!

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    Post JOB CLASSIFIEDS: General Rules - READ Before Posting!

    The Job Classifieds section is for members to post trucking jobs. In order to post in this category, you must meet the following requirements:

    For Job Posting/Job Fair:

    1. All registered members who work directly for a Trucking Company are allowed to post in this category.
    2. You will post stating this information: Job Description, Location, Requirements, Company Name and Contact ***** Number.
    3. You will be allowed to put a link back to your site one time, followed by contact details.
    4. Post your ad using normal text and no unnecessary font styles.
    5. Unnecessary links and duplicate posts will be removed.
    6. Be responsible in updating your post. Use thread prefixes [Available] if the job is still available; or [Unavailable] if it's not.
    7. If the job is no longer available, please contact an admin immediately to close the thread, to keep the content relevant to our members.
    Note: For interested job applicants, do not post here. Contact the recruiter directly through private message.

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