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Thread: Appliance Tip: Connect Directly to your Battery for Superb Performance

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    Lightbulb Appliance Tip: Connect Directly to your Battery for Superb Performance

    The Power Hunt system is the most powerful 12-volt system that supports a number of 12-volt appliances including microwaves, grills, heaters, coffee makers, and hairdryers. With set-up and operation of power hunt power port, you will see why it is a better alternative for outdoor use than a power inverter and a household appliance.

    The heart of the system lies on its special patented plug and a power port which connects directly to your battery, which allows you to bypass the 12-volt cigarette lighter performance. In this way, power is not lost, and you can plug in any of your power hunt appliances.

    To permanently install the power hunt system in your vehicle or boat, you should first disconnect the negative cable of your battery completely. To learn more how to set-up your power system, read my article How To: Set-Up Power Hunt Power Supply Thanks!
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