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Thread: Life n Trucks n Stuff

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    Life n Trucks n Stuff

    Hello,...I thought to stop and say hello,from me as this person having lived a Life on the road.I do so with honesty as well as with respect,for your enjoyment I hope more than anything as I share of experinence.I'd like to share a story with you being one of many of mine,because the road is where simply,I've spent a lifetime.People call me a Poet but I am I know just like you,a trucker a person with now something else to gratefully do.So....

    Up n down up n down that Bitumen track, never to be sure if one will be back.
    Up n down up n down that tar burnt black, up n down up n down that same old track.
    With a new day dawning yet an unseen sun, from the beginning of the run till it's over n done,
    the one thing embedded in this drivers mind,is to have the run done this one more time.

    Or when the dusk comes leading surely the night, from beginning the run till the end is in sight.
    One mile after mile still another one comes, so to have them behind me to get them all done.
    Bitumen n me go a long way back, up n down up n down that same old track.
    The hard part for me the one simple fact, is never knowing for sure if I'll ever be back.

    I'll not forget what I have seen, for again and again up n down I have been.
    Of the scenery and sights there's one thing I'm certain, and that's to drive constant and clean so it aint a last curtain.
    Bitumen n me go a long way back, up n down up n down that tar burnt black.
    This battle to fight of Life if you like and the will to go on, is as hard and as weary as the Bitumen I'm on.

    To be free of this Bitumen this tarseal in me, some times I wonder is it ever to be.
    Bitumen n me go a long way back, up n down up n down that same old track.
    To be back off the Bitumen to be back off that track, there's one thing to remember the final black fact.
    To get where you've come from you've got to get back, and never will you do it if you forget where your at,
    that n the fact that it's Bitumen, Bitumen n back!

    ....hope you all enjoyed ora
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    Wow!!!.. hello O'B.. Welcome to the forum.. man.. i have to tell you. this is really great...great job! you really are a poet

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    This is really an awesome poem, O'B. Mind if I arrange it a bit so it goes down like single lines or stanzas? Hope you can share more poems here. Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy!
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