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Thread: Think you lost it? Your post is Auto-saved! Just restore it.

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    Lightbulb Think you lost it? Your post is Auto-saved! Just restore it.

    Picture this: You type in your article or post when suddenly there is a total blackout. You're almost done with it and you're not sure if it was saved or you still have it in mind. What will you do? Don't panic.

    A great feature of the forum's text editor (the box where you enter text) is called Auto-Save. While you are typing, you will see a yellow pop-up text 'Auto-Saved' in the bottom right corner of the box every 60 seconds.

    Now, if your browser crashes or you mistakenly leave the page, or there's a blackout, all you have to do is go back to the specific forum category that you're in. Click Post New Thread. Next, click the button that says 'Restore Auto-Saved Content' on the bottom left corner of the box...and voila! Your write-up is recovered. Enjoy!
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