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Thread: Help, feel blacklisted

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    Help, feel blacklisted


    back in Oct of 2012. I enrolled in a major trucking school in Ca
    Went through the course and aced all my test. though i had some trouble with the alley dock procedure. after the initial courses as i got my cdl and was happy
    they put me out on the road, But after two weeks in a truck stop was doing an alley dock and was having problems with it, The trainer was no help all he could say was do it. well in this i ended up backing to much jack knifed and tore off the wind fin from the tractor. And was reported, understandably for sure, was put on accident probation.
    Well about 1 1/2 months later coming into the yard i pulled wide, but didn't pull wide enough and tagged a pole, well long story short i was terminated without being allowed to tell my story.
    Mind you all through the 2 1/2 months that i was on the road, 15,000 miles. From west coast all the way to and through NY. I had gone through passes with snow/ice no incidents. Learned downhill (Yes you never know enough) as well ice/snow shifting.
    Through Meecher, Grapevine, the Rockies. High desert NV and drove through US93 scenic route of which was 100 miles of solid ice. At no time did i ever have any other incidents. and both of the ones that got me terminated were both student errors and both were under 5 miles an hour. even offered to pay for any and all damages and was willing to go back through the courses.
    Here is the situation. since then i have not been looked at by any company or school. schools wont even take me on.
    These were minor accidents. and of the point of being a student.

    I want to be back out on the road, But as i said because of these nobody wants to look at me or take a chance as it were.
    Is there anything that i can do or say to change my odds in this
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Winged Blackbear

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    If the trainer or the one in-charge should have given you a memo, then at least you could have a chance to write a Notice to Explain letter. I agree those were student errors but you've earned a bad reputation which can be difficult to deal with. I say you try to talk it over with your trainer again. Or send a letter of explanation, with apologies, of course.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Thanks for the hint Marie. Will give it a shot.
    My only problem with that is when i go to apply for other jobs. somehow it pops up. have tried everything to get around it without lying. because i know somewhere DOT see's this.
    But in anycase. Will give that a try it cant hurt LOL

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    Yeah.. i agree with that..if it pops up when you apply for other jobs just try to ignore it. Put a smile on your face and do the best that you can. Best of luck to you Winged Blackbear.

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    are you working now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy Wilgus View Post
    are you working now?
    As of the moment i am still not working though i have been active in with the sites and such trying to get seen. Still no luck
    I did manage, After the damage had been done to get the company to change what it says on the DAC, But now, Companies are saying i don't have enough experience and asking for 1-2 years, Well we know ho that sentence goes, How do you get the experience if nobody want to take a look at you LOL.
    I know that i would be a great trucker, just need a chance, But as of right now i am stuck going back to production work till i can figure this out.

    Thanks for asking
    Winged BlackBear

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    Fingers crossed for a resolution


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