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Thread: scared to voice your apinion

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    scared to voice your apinion

    Is it that scarry to speak out against your gov where you live. or what

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooper View Post
    Is it that scarry to speak out against your gov where you live. or what
    That would depend on where you are and who's around you.

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    work place scemes against thoughtful speech

    I used to work at a company called Suncoast a outfit based out of Houston. If your idenified by management for being thoughtful you are given hot loads everyday on your on the job. This anti american outfit at Suncoast only wants dumb asses to drive for them!
    This is a example of so called fear of the government! No power to be respected or heard ! Hey I think fear of the government is a example of the fear of being harassed or bothered. People I have dealed with in my lifetime looked at decency as timely and unprofitable. Rude, fast moving, taking guys seemed to represent the big government or THEY

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    Yes it is scary.
    you might lose your job.

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    Sorry, I cannot identify with your complaint. My problem has always been that I say what I think and dont care if it offends someone. Yes, it has gotten me in a lot of trouble but that is what it is. Guess it was not that bad, as I am still alive and can truthfully say I did it my way.

    You have to stand up for what you believe, no matter the cost, or just go hide in your shell. Thankfully my daughter took after me, and has a big mouth. By the way she is also a trucker, but she gets left alone and does her job too.

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    No, not really. In the US, you tend to get more fuss from people who think differently from you, then you do from the Gov. Politics and Religion seem to offer the highest potential for conflict. There is a large percentage of people here, that are polarized politically and seem to want to got to war with those of the opposite party. There are still a lot of good people who can talk, while taking different views.

    I think much of the conflict comes from how you say things, as apposed to what you actually say. We tend to loose respect for those who do not share our opinions, which to me is quit boring. I like to examine both sides of an issue before making a decision on anything and discussing it with someone who takes the opposite side can be very interesting and reveal new insights.
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