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Thread: Weight loss tips!!!

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    Weight loss tips!!!

    Hey guys!!!We should take care of the fitness of the body.Loosing weight is a perfect job and it is not easy and needs some special efforts to loose weight. Following are the weight loss tips
    1. Early morning drinking water
    2. Early morning walk
    3. Take exercise for at least 30 minutes (Running, Stretching)
    4. Eat balance diet and avoid eating heavy foods like junk food, fast food
    5. Use more fruits in diet
    6. Drink fresh juices
    7. Sleep in time.
    8. Don't sit idle.....

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    Police officers also have issues with gaining weight due to often stationary sitting and driving and I've fallen to unhealthy living from this myself. One thing I can say that might help is eating more often but having smaller portions of food. The body gets used to using the energy in a certain way and if you overload with a full meal the body wants to use what it needs and start storing the rest. Spread it out and get consistent energy without overloading and going into storage mode.

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    What about people who has to sit all day and work like in computers and all. They neither have time to exercise nor they can they quit siting in front of their pC's. What do they do?

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