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Thread: FREE Webinar - OUT OF CRISIS

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    FREE Webinar - OUT OF CRISIS

    Learn how to EARN money and STAY profitable even in the LOW Market
    - The fuel expenses are High.
    - There are NO Reliable drivers.
    - The equipment prices are exaggerated.
    Is this The End and is there nothing that can be done?
    We’ve created for you a Free Webinar to help your company to survive and most importantly make a profit in a crisis. We are holding an hour-long webinar Tuesday, October 4th at 5 PM EST New York, with our industry expert - Alex Vaylor.
    We will analyze together:
    - Your loads that have been booked
    - The relations that have been built with the brokers
    - How efficient your employees are
    - Areas that your drivers are running and how much time they spend on the road
    - Your results, expenses and net profit
    Don’t miss out. Sign up today.
    You can also get a Free audit for your MC company, now in low market conditions.
    We are looking forward to your attendance.

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    great opportunity!

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