I'm an owner operator and my wife is a freight broker. While we do our own ACE/ACI manifests, sometimes i have clients who want to know the status of a PAPS or PARS. Since i'm dealing with many different brokers, such as Livingston, Deringer, DHL, UPS, Borderbrokers, CH Robinson.... thats just the big ones. Half the sites don't work.

I need a website where I can track all the PARS and PAPS, does anyone know of one? if not, is there a reason why not? I am stuck with sending a new link for every time a customer wants to know clearance information or what PORT its going to cross from?

I know its easy to go on Livingstons website, but it is tedious to remember all of them and the little differences between the trackers.

Who has the best paps tracker?

Thank you so much for any help