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Thread: Your Favorite and Not so favorite GPS

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    Your Favorite and Not so favorite GPS

    Hello to all, I am a total Noob, FNG, whatever you want to say. Starting my first job on Monday. Just finished 12 weeks of Truck Driver training in Austin, MN. Nuff said. I have been researching TRUCK GPS units and wanted to get the straight skinny from actual out-there OTR users. I see YT vids and Amazon reviews that say "Yay, Great" and "worse POS ever!" for the same unit. So I ask you: what do you or have you used, good and bad? Any help will be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance. Stay safe, good health to you and yours, and keep her between the ditches. Thanks,vTomBow

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    We started selling 7 GPS which 1 by 1 we discontinued for 1 reason or another. We used all 7 at one time and noticed similarities as well as differences. We read as many of the reviews as we could, looking for the same type complaints and approvals. Long story short, we eliminated all but 2 and highly recommend that you choose from Rand McNally or Garmin models. Make sure they are Truck Models.

    Reviews: Reviews can be a joke, as you pointed out. Some of those selling will rave about the models they sell. Some of those competitors will bad mouth the models they do not sell. Some are just plain vindictive for some perceived hurt. Many are improper setup and understanding. We recommend talking to fellow Truckers and get their opinion.
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