Hey all, chasing any ideas. Have 2006 isuzu npr back right end of axle got hot. jacked up and brakes were locked on. Only right side, left wheels spinning fine. Right brakes only released when opened brake lines. Slave cylinders were weeping slightly. Bearings were fine but replaced them anyway when replaced slave cyclinders. So new bearings and new slave cylinders. Drove 20 minutes end of axle still got hot. 60'C when pulled up. Brakes not locked on, can jack up and will spin freely. 60'C was also temp of diff reservoir when checking. Left rear end of axle only 40'C. Mate has suggested axle bent. Could be possible? Have had truck over two years now and never hit anything other than pot holes some big buggers as on bush roads but wouldnt have thought enough to bend axle. Mate says could only be slight but would possibly cause heat to build up if out. Bit stumped am only bush mechanic thought someone more cluey might have idea.