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Thread: Online Shopping for Trucks

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    Question Online Shopping for Trucks

    My family operates a truck business in Europe and until recently we had plans to expand into the US.
    Due to the corona-virus outbreak however, we had to delay our plans for the moment

    I am using the extra time to prepare our business expansion, starting with truck purchase procedures.
    (Luckily I do have a visa, a bank account and an address)

    I wonder if it is common to purchase trucks online in the US?
    Best would be used trucks; is it difficult to purchase used truck online?

    Are there any procedures for which you have to be present in person non-negotiable?
    Anybody who can share bad experiences, issues and difficulties to overcome?

    We are looking for delivery van trucks from above class 4 in the area of CA, NY, TX, NJ, FL

    Any other advice for preparation is also welcome
    I appreciate your help. More questions to follow.

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    I don't think anyone would want to risk purchasing a truck online in the first place even though it's a used one, you are paying bug bucks fot it so go there and check the vehicle

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    I agree with you tjctransport . The best way to purchase a truck is to check it personally.
    Stay Safe

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    Hello there RT. Brother, I have to agree with some of the other posts that were said back to you friend. Yet, yes, I understand and see that you live over in Germany also. Is it at all possible to come to the States and test drive and look over Rigs over here by either yourself or another Trucker' Friend? But if that is not an option for you you could do a bit more research online like perhaps contacting LandStar Inway or another big Trucking Company over Here in America and ask to speak to the Head Fleet Purchasing Agent for a lead our even his contacts and/or references on Peterbuilt, Kenworth, FreightShaker or whatever kind of Rigs and Tractors You Like Buddy. OK just a short post her for your consideration. Alright then~See ya' ~Michael ~ "Locomotion".


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