I recently passed my written tests and have my class A CLP (Learner Permit). I have driven trucks before, but it was while living in Europe. I had to start all over again after moving back to the US this year. Also,
a. Bulk of my experience is with Class B vehicles and
b. It has been 2-3 years since truck driving so I'm probably a bit rusty

In essence, I'm pretty confident I don't need driving school and the debt burden that comes with it. What I would appreciate input on:
1. Any ideas how I can work (and get paid) with CLP (say a month) and have the confidence to take the skills test?
2. I'm in Orlando, FL. What would be the cheapest place to take the skills test? With testing centre supplied CMV, the test package runs around $450. Any place that is cheaper you know of?
3. I also have my Medical Card. Can I do OTR (Interstate) as junior team driver or do I have to stay within the state?

Answers much appreciated & thanks in advance.