First, I know this is a weird question, here is the deal, I am desperate to get back home to Missouri to be with my family I am stuck in Arizona for another week or two and looking for options to get the hell out of here. I moved to Arizona last July (2017) and in December 2017 everything did a 360. I can't believe I have lasted this long. My sister kicked her husband out ever since then we have been stalked harassed and terrorized. Long story. Anyway, I am friends with some truckers and unfortunately non of them are in Arizona. I am looking to get a ride back to Missouri sooner than 2-3 weeks. I have two older kitties that would go in a carrier. Arizona totally sucks. I hate it here and want to go back to reality. I thought if someone is going back to Missouri and wanted some company. I know some companies allow you to have another rider and some don't I am open to options. Thanks in advance.