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    Has anyone ever worked for TMC are the a good company?

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    Has anyone ever worked for TMC are the a good company?
    TMC i have never worked for, but i almost did, i was accepted for employment.

    but then i was told (by them) that i must polish/wax thier truck, they assign me. (they DO supply the materials)

    i told them to stick it......

    i will take it to a TRUCK WASH and let THEM wash it.....that if they wanted ME to polish/wax, they have to pay me a minimum of 4 hours due to the size of the truck.....they decline that. they said something like, "take pride in your ride"...i said, MY REST MEANS MORE TO ME.........

    i need NOT spend MY TIME waxing/polishing anyone's truck.

    i am NOT an o/o, just a company driver.

    i will NEVER, EVER work for a company that REQUIRES ME to do any maintenance, over a simple cleaning

    i once was also accepted for employment at a local company, but declined that. the gal asked that if on my day(s) off, would i be willing to go in and grease the truck.......

    i gave her a mouthful as well................

    hired as a DRIVER, i drive.

    mechanics are hired as a MECHANIC, they mechanic.....


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