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Thread: truckers do get togehter

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    truckers do get togehter

    part of the reason why we get bamboozled by washington, is that all any trucker does is "talk the talk" at the truck stop lunch counter, but doesn't actually get involved in doing anything, and thinks "someone else" like another trucker, which almost always, NEVER HAPPENS.

    until we "band ad brothers", instead of everyman for himself, we will continually get screwed by the self righteous citizen action groups, the railroad, and politicians.

    we have only OURSELVES to blame, for the nonsense we get from Washington, and state/local politicians and law makers.

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    This has been the issue for years. It use to be a whole group protesting/standing together back in the 60's and 70's in this industry. We began to lose this brotherhood and the individualism and change in our society began the decline of the brotherhood.

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    WARNING: Tread lightly and use good judgment with the post from SeahawksFan. I suspect it is the start of well blanketed advertising for groups like lighthouse club membership and the like. I would put it right along with the not paying taxes groups.

    These type groups tend to basically cater to greed and you end up paying them, and likely to get yourself into trouble, as so many have.

    We will give him the benefit of the doubt but watch him closely to see if his interest are trucking or solicitation. Admin

    Yep, he's been banned. His response was to weave his advertising into his response.
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