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Thread: Little steps leads to big result

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    Little steps leads to big result

    There are a few very simple tips for drivers to have good shape of your body.

    Hungry-drink water not pop just pure water.
    Park your truck as far as you can from entrance of truck stop - you must walk a little more.
    Start jumping over the rope and making push ups- it does not need more room and burning your fat.
    Try avoid fast food.

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    Thanks for the tips, sergetret. I like the second one - Park your truck a little bit far from a truck stop so you can take a walk.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    I do Karate Kata to keep me in shape. It's not only beneficial to my health but I can also use it for self defense. I recommend truckers to take martial art classes if they have a chance. You not need to go the gym for this. If you have Internet, you can just browse at youtube. Martials arts exercises is said to be one of the best way to prevent disease, as well as to stimulate positive changes in the body's natural healing systems. It does improve the circulation of your blood. You can start here.. Just pick on the ones you are comfortable with.

    or here for other martial arts courses online.

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    That's really cool pigpaw! Actually, there are simple exercises that truckers can do while sitting behind the wheel. Ref:

    - Neck stretch: This reduces tension in the neck and head muscles. When you are at a traffic light, bow your head and hold for a few seconds, then slowly lean your head back and hold. Do this 10 times.

    - Wrist Stretch – Extend your arm and the fingers against the steering wheel. Press your fingers against the wheel and hold for 10-15 seconds. Do this one at a time with each hand. This can help loosen your wrist and minimize conditions like carpal tunnel.

    - Shoulder Shrug – With your hands on the steering wheel, raise your shoulders like trying to touch your ears. Hold the shrugged shoulders for a few seconds and slowly release down. Do this 10–20 times. This is an great exercise to reduce fatigue in your shoulders.

    If you have routine exercises while driving, share your tips here. Stay healthy!
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    I do Fighting styles Kata to keep me in form. It's not only valuable to my wellness but I can also use it for self protection. I suggest drivers to take martial-art sessions if they have a opportunity. You not need to go the gym for this


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