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Thread: Strictly NO Advertising

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    Post Strictly NO Advertising

    The RoadTrucker Trucking Forum strictly prohibits advertising, especially in the form of links, and/or unoriginal and duplicate content. The forum is a venue where truckers and RVers share insights with each other, so advertising of products and services in posts is regarded as inappropriate.

    However, RoadTrucker provides a suitable area for a signature, after you have made 5 posts. We do expect the signature to be tastefully done. The purpose should not be to attract attention, nor to sell a product or service, but more so to make a statement about who you are. We recommend using 2 lines. The first should be a link to your website, while the second should be a short tagline.

    For example, take a look at what the Admin has done with his signature. It says "RoadTrucker Inc" which if you click it, you will be taken to website. Underneath, there is a tagline about RoadTrucker. Here it is.

    RoadTrucker Inc
    Products for Trucking and Driving Comfort

    Notice also, that his signature is nowhere to be found in any of his posts, plus, he posts valuable information that truckers would find useful.

    When you reach five (5) or more posts, you will be promoted to the "Acknowledged Users" group. This will give you the benefit of creating a signature for others to see.

    How will my Signature Appear?
    - Your signature can be a favorite saying or a motto that describes you and your outlook in life.
    - It can also be a link to your website, social site, or other organizations.

    How Can I Create a Signature? (Maximum of 120 characters for text)
    - After you log in, click Settings located above the header.
    - Click Edit Signature under My Settings which is located on the left side menu.
    - Type your desired signature in the box provided. Use the Editor tools to customize your signature.
    - You may click Preview Signature, and then Save Signature.

    rel="nofollow" is automatically added to all links. This means that any link will not be followed by Google, so trying to use the forum in an effort to get link juice for your website will be a waste of time. Notice we do not add a ton of advertisements like most forums, so we do not want you adding your advertising. You may see 1 banner at the top and 1 banner at the bottom. The forum is a small thank you gift for our customers, as well as our truckers and RVers.

    For those who make a significant contribution over time, and write an original and exceptional article, we will remove the nofollow, as an added benefit.
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    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    I would like to ask if it acceptable to post a gofund me page for a trucker's wife. My daughter's husband died of a heart attack on the job three weeks ago, he was 33, and only a month on the new job. He left behind 4 children aged 9,4,3 and 2, and the family is in desperate need of help. It was suggested to me that I might appeal to the trucking community, but I see that this site is very particular about what can and can't be posted, so I am asking if it would be okay. Thank - you so much. Noreen Townsend

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    We have a section for helping Truckers, called Community Service and Charity. See it under, the main section called, Let's Talk About Trucking Lifestyle. We also post items like this on our Facebook page which reaches 1800 plus Truckers. Admin
    RoadTrucker Inc
    Products for Trucking and Driving Comfort

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