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Thread: Truck Stop points, perks>?

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    Truck Stop points, perks>?

    Well, I am a true newbie, I haven't even completed trucking school yet but am hoping to be OTR by Jan 1. Here's my question.... I have heard that by purchasing fuel (with a company credit card), ... at the big chain truck stops (Love's, Pilot, etc) a driver can rack up points at these places which can be used for showers, meals, and even motel rooms... can anyone enlighten me about this ?


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    Most chain truck stops have a card that you can collect points on. Usually one point per gallon of fuel. You get a free shower with a purchase of 50 gallons. I don't know if there is any way to get hotel rooms, but you can save up points to use in the store or restaurant. Some have motels attached to them. Maybe you can use your points toward that.
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    Thanks alot....!

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    Some truckers like the Pilot better for eating or the option for fast food. You can redeem points anywhere in store and other participating restaurants and you need to have a 'rewards card'. Fuel, along with tabacco and alcohol are items you cannot pay for with points.
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