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Thread: Some Reason's for Firing: No one wants to hear this...BUT...

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    Lightbulb Some Reason's for Firing: No one wants to hear this...BUT...

    I have been driving truck off and on since 2008. I have been watching truckers youtube videos since 2014. All of the video makers change companies frequently... many want to know why! Here are a few problems I have encountered with employees in the past that I have had to fire them for...

    #1)no show, late to work... in trucking if you don't show up for your shift or deliver their freight on time you stand a chance of getting fired... bottom line.. work to get your freight on time and show up to work when your required.
    #1a) calling out sick..... anytime.. if you have home problems or money issues solve them BEFORE you start trucking... if Granny is dying get that over too.. if you call out sick... you'll eventually get a greyhound ticket home.

    #2)Theft.. easy to understand

    #3)lying about stuff.. if you screwed up.. own up to it, maybe your company can help you but if you lie...

    #4)Poor Behavior.. if you get in altercations with others they'll fire you.

    #5)Bad driving and accidents... yes they all count(and god knows there is plenty of them) by shifting you to another company your former employer can help spread the risk out... simple as that

    if you've been fired from a company and don't know why, ASK! then you'll know in the future... good luck!

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