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Thread: Another Truckload of Despair

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    Another Truckload of Despair

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    Any truckers out there interested in helping with an art project?

    I want to laminate the sides of a truck with the words “Another Truckload of Despair”, and then have that driven around for a while.

    I got the idea for this while going through a divorce and pretty depressed. I was driving (my pickup truck) on Interstate 880 (Oakland, CA), and I realized that the world was moving forward and nobody gave a shit about my failure of a life.

    But I also realized that even though it felt like failure to be going through a divorce, it’s a real experience that many folks go through. And I want to broadcast that, the true emotion, with an enormous sign, as a way of saying “hey, this is ok”. What better way to broadcast the emotion than on the side of a huge truck, where we expect to see an advertisement?

    I’ll secure the funding to laminate the text on both sides of the truck (as well as the later removal). I’m looking for a trucker, or someone who owns a truck, who’d be interested in working with me on this project.

    Northern California location would be ideal but not required.

    For a look at other art projects I’ve worked on, pm me.

    This is a serious inquiry. Any help with this project would be fully appreciated. I realize this isn't everyone's idea of art, but perhaps you know another trucker or trucking company that might be interested.

    Many thanks!
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