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Thread: Come back to Detroit, we missed you the first time.

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    Come back to Detroit, we missed you the first time.

    (I first saw that shirt 20 years before it was ever in a Kid Rock video.)

    I am a recovering OTR driver who now gets to see his kids every day and sleep in a real bed. I drive an International daycab these days and shuttle auto parts around the motor city. I started out in a refrigerated national fleet that took me to 47 of the lower 48 (damn you, Vermont), tooling around the country in a Freightliner Century condo.

    So far I have zero chargeables and I work hard to keep it that way. One thing that helps me,accomplish this is I spend some of my spare time working on a safety project that is designed to give four- wheelers a truck drivers insight toward driver safety. I find that it helps keep my own habits on the safer side.

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    Welcome to the forum, DreadRandal. Over-the-road driving 2-4 weeks at a time before getting back home is never easy. I hope you can tell the truckers more about this safety project you are currently working on. Cheers!
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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