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Thread: Aux Trailer lights

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    Aux Trailer lights

    I am looking to instal some led lights on my trailer just before the axels aiming towards the curb that activate and turn on with the turn signal. I see it a lot on feed trucks in my area. Does anyone one have any advice or maybe a wiring diagram. I would assume some sort of relay would need to be installed?

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    I would think your best bet would be to talk to one or 2 of the drivers who have these already. It sounds like they are just turn signals, so you would wire them the same as your turn signals. As long as the blinker can handle the extra load, it should be fine. LEDs draw very little power so you probably can get away with this. I do not see why a relay would be needed. A replay is used when you have a small powered device, that needs to operate a heavier load. That heavier load would still need a power source, that can handle the load.
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    I did the same thing to my truck, and the guy above is right, the relay was not necessary. Looks Like the LED strip that used already had some kind of relay, so all you would need to do is to tap to your turn signal power source in the side blinker or in the taillights of your trailer. It didn't cause any hyperflashing or flickering.

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    A decided to dig a bit deeper, because I am going to install similar LED strips on the front of my truck, just below the headlights, and it appeared that some of the kits do require a relay (but in most cases, it comes in set, so you shouldn't worry about it).
    So this installation instruction shows the basic wiring method for the blinkers and running lights:

    Some other truck lights come without the relay (or with a built-in relay).


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