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Thread: Truck drivers are vulnerable to a lot of health risks.

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    Truck drivers are vulnerable to a lot of health risks.

    Any truck driver who is on the road for a while will know about health troubles a long drive can give you. Drivers with years and decade long on the road experience will tell how these recurring health issues will trouble you all along your career and in some point threaten to halt it. Most of these issues are caused by the life style of the drivers. During the long drives and in between those drives, it's common among drivers to have a relative bad life style. This includes lack of proper exercise and poor food habits which can cause obesity and there by to serious health situations like heart disease and diabetes. In addition to these a lot of drivers are addicted to smoking and many of them are deprived of proper sleep. When focused on career, it's easy not to care about health. But being healthy is important to your career as well. No one will hire a driver who frequently gets sick. Things like taking proper sleep daily, exercise and good food habits will drastically improve the health. Wish all the truckers to have a healthy and wonderful life and career.
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