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Thread: cant find truck stops - qualcomm advice or purchase a solution

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    cant find truck stops - qualcomm advice or purchase a solution


    to be fair, I am also posting this inquiry on other good forums.

    recently I started a job with a popular trucking company after attending an independent trucking school and orientation/mentoring with the company.

    part of the job requires use of a qualcomm which includes a navigation function and I am having problems with this navigation function.

    the company sends me wifi data of the next trip:
    1. the place where I get my load
    2. usually a place to get fuel
    3. the place where I drop my load

    unfortunately, the data does not include truck or rest stop locations.

    during my mentoring, my mentor was able to use the qualcomm navigator to find truck stops by using a path similar to this (this is a touch-screen and he 'clicks' on the following icons):

    points of interest > trucking > truck or rest stops > close, along the way, or near destination

    I should have paid closer attention, because I have never been able to attain this ability. when I am using the navigation to go to pick up a load, the 'points of interest' icon is greyed out and unusable. I have to literally turn the truck off (the engine) in order to find truck stops (then the 'points of interest' icon is not greyed out), and occasionally the truck stops it offers me are almost 300 miles away. I am NOT receiving quality service from this device in regards to truck stops.

    when I first received the truck the battery was completely dead and I think the qualcomm may have been damaged. the company thinks I probably just don't know how to use it. I have no problem with them showing me what I am doing wrong, just as long as I can find a place for the truck when my hours are ending. but for now, I am here asking for experience, expertise, advice, and suggestions.

    1. I need to know what I could be doing wrong with the qualcomm navigation, or

    2. what kind of device could I buy that would find truck stops. how do you guys find them (besides already knowing about them from your years on the road).

    3. would a laptop help at all?

    thanks for your experience, expertise, advice, and suggestions.

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    yes, a laptop would be useful, but at any truck stop, they do sell....truck stop directories.


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