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Thread: Extraordinary designs of European Trucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ae3799t View Post
    Speaking of which... Do you know what you get when you cross a Gorilla with a Parrot?
    A colorful beast? lol
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie View Post
    A colorful beast? lol
    I do not know, but when it talks, you had better listen..

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    Hahaha! nice one
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    (racks brain...)

    I don't know!

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    Doh! Of course!

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    No doubt it is extraordinary,,,
    ya extraordinary design of European trucks.i love that design ,these looks like very good lots of animation takes place,his designing looks awesome,heavy contains strong body as one sentence i said "nothing can be compared with the beauty of these trucks"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoolio View Post
    Pretty inventive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooper View Post
    this is the best design.Attachment 81
    i am old, and old fashion.

    i have always LOVED to looks of a classic long nose hood

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