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Thread: REWARD - illinois trucker Christmas eve robbery

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    REWARD - illinois trucker Christmas eve robbery

    I had my weapons stolen out of my truck on Christmas eve in Texas.
    a few days later a guy contacted me on the ***** and after some beating around the bush, told me I needed to western union him money and he would return my weapons.
    Guy says he is a black man around 45-55ish and his name is Mike Norman. He lives in illinois and probably close to Chicago.
    Any info that helps the authorities catch this guy will be much appreciated.

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    I would not send them any money, as it is more than likely a scam to get more from you then your weapons. Chances are, that they do not have your property, but are friends of the person who did take them. Make a police/insurance report and give them the model and serial numbers and hope that they show up later. At best, you might offer a reward for information, that leads to the arrest and conviction of the thieves. That way, you will not be paying, unless the thieves pay too. Good luck with getting them back.
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