Made in America Chrome Stacks

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  • Any caption truckers?
    Very unlikely that this "hooker" is happy at all. SADLY & UNFORTUNATELY, this is a very DANGEROUS predicament for the "happy" hooker to be in. God bless every American and their families! God bless the U.S.A.!
  • Awesome pic from Marissa Oddo and ARB
    Hello hows it going today? My name is Marissa Oddo, Vice President of RoadTrucker.
  • Any caption truckers?
    Big Momma, the happy hooker (Lot Lizard). Enjoying a restful off day on the streets.
  • chrome stacks
    CW Deering's aggresive look, damn this thing looks like a charging bull. Check out [U][URL=""]5" and 6" Chrome Exhaust Stacks[/URL][/U] at - Plain and Expanded Ends
  • Our new home (213x159)
    Thanks Marie! Yes it is a nice color, it was the only one that wasn't John Deer green hahaha, I like the dark teal, really nice. Interior is all gray with black accents and burled walnut trim, it has the work station, large double bunks, and is now fully equipped with the flat screen, dvd player, microwave, etc. We had the company name and the DOT/MC #s put on yesterday, the imaging company did a superb job. They let me design my graphics and play around with the sizing and font choices until it was exactly what I wanted. It looks so awesome now. I would post a new photo but that would SO be advertising hahaha. I told them I would put their link on our new company website and they will give me a 1% bonus of every invoice amount from everyone who uses them based on our referrals. COOL BEANS!!! Can't wait to get rolling, I have been spending a lot of time in it, getting used to it, and hate to even come back in the house at night hahaha.
  • Our new home (213x159)
    Nice truck, Patti! :D

  • 12 Volt Coolers for Truckers