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How to Travel with Ease and Comfort

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Hitting the road during weekends or long vacations can be both fun and tiring. When you are out in the open, one of the most important things to do is to make travel time comfortable in possible ways you can, so that you can get most out of every second you are away from a busy life.

Here are packing suggestions good for a weekend travel:
3 shirts or blouses
3 pants or skirts
4 pairs of underwear or panties
2 pairs of socks
Travel boots or regular shoes
Leather travel bag, or shave kit

If in the winter or cold weather, you can bring the following (heating blankets, 12-volt heater, bunk warmers)

Hygiene Kit (Wipes or Hand Sanitizer, Travel size Tooth paste & Tooth brush, Body soap, Travel size Shampoo & Conditioner, Brush/Comb)
Pillow and Blanket
Moisturizing lotion
Chapped lip balm (one of the little things I always have)
Energy drinks- helpful if you will be trekking or going to extreme activities

You are lucky if you come across a truck stop because most of them provide a towel, wash cloth and soap when you take a shower. Bring also a pair of flip flops for shower time. However, it is necessary to bring the above mentioned items if you will be traveling far.

Also, truck stop food can be very expensive so you may also want to bring home-made meals. Much better if you have a plug-in cooler and a microwave oven, or a portable stove. They can be prepared in advance and frozen.

If you are traveling with family or friends, I would say sandwich is a fast and easy food to prepare. Just stuff your typical ingredients in between two slices of bread and slide it in a sandwich maker. This is always a great idea especially for large groups.

Riding for hours can get you bored considering some of the passengers may be asleep. So it's a good idea to bring along something that will help pass the time. I would usually relax on my neck pillow and listen to music on my ***** or mp3 player.

And finally, I always keep the back seat organizer stuffed with travel magazines so I could browse for next destinations.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip and don't forget to take pictures of everything including bloopers.

Author: Marie A. Morales
Marketing Writer
RoadTrucker Inc

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