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How to Maximize Cargo Security and Control

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I was watching a footage of an actual theft recorded via CCTV in the local news and I was shaking my head how thieves can be so smart these days. What actually happened was the truck driver took a break and left his truck parked when two guys, approached it. Since he had locks somewhere attached to the truck the two men took a hard time to destroy the trailer door. So when the driver returned, he caught the guys but then they beat him almost to death. He was left unconscious.

Cargo and asset theft can greatly impact one's business financial, image, and brand. Not to mention the tedious process of claiming insurance. Brand impact is considered to be a critical issue of most companies. After all, you have to maintain a reputable and reliable name within your scope and your customer base.

When theft happens, stolen products are then introduced to other supply chain through illegitimate channels. This will then affect the product quality, the price, and eventually the customer impact.

Now as theft is inevitable, you would likely ask, can the cargo still be recovered? The big answer is YES. It is possible. You want a cargo security and tracking solutions system that will not only monitor your fleet but also recover if it's stolen.

One thing I like about LoJack SCI Cargo Security is their special connection to law enforcement. One call to the police and your LoJack System goes into action. Once the police enters your report for missing vehicle in the National Crime Information Center Computers, your LoJack unit is activated. This sends a uniquely coded radio frequency signal to a network of police cars and aviation units.

Another thing is LoJack can work where GPS and ****ular devices can't. Through concrete and steel. Police can then track your equipment and return it into the job site where it belongs.

Need to know more? See video below or request information at LoJack® SCI Cargo Security & Asset Tracking Solutions

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  1. bigsemitruckscom's Avatar
    Always be alert. Being able to track stolen items is good. not losing them is better. If possible back up to a wall. Invest in a good lock that grabs both bars on the back doors. Pay attention to your routes. If your driving through a seedy looking place, don't stop. Plan to sleep out of town and drive in. Dont sleep by the docks. People in the area know the schedule and what kind of stuff you have.
  2. Marie's Avatar
    Real stuff. Thank you for these important tips, bigsemitruckscom.
    A good lock on the trailer doors and some common sense will keep out of most trouble. as Bigsemitruckscom said...if your in a seedy place, use your head and don't park there.
  4. Marie's Avatar
    Thank you, HILLBROTHERSO/O.

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