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Top Things for Truckers while Living on the Road

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Well, this is a bit more than ten things, but it's a list I made up of what I consider essentials. Please feel free to comment on needed modifications. With apologies to Marie, I'm a guy and I know the Ladies need additional stuff that I'm pretty much clueless about.

Things to take on the road

Money and Documents:
• Wallet
• Debit Card
• Cash
• Social Security Card
• Driver’s License and DOT medical card and insurance card
• Original copy of Birth Certificate
• Passport
• Log Book
• Address book with important names, numbers and addresses

Staying Organized:
• Rand-McNally Motor Carrier Atlas (consider a truck GPS)
• Notebooks (1 or 2)
• Folders
• Post-its
• Calculator
• Pens, pencils and a highlighting marker
• Ruler
• Padlock (in case you need to use a locker along the way)
• Digital Camera – should be easy to charge or have batteries; consider a Camcorder
• Backpack to put it all in

Personal Items:
• Reading material or Kindle/Nook electronic book
• iPod or MP3 player
• Good pocket or belt knife
• Glasses (prescription) and 2 pair Sunglasses
• **** *****, regular charger, and mobile charger
• Meds - some aspirin, Tylenol, antacid, Band-Aids, any prescriptions
• Ear Plugs


• Sunscreen
• Towels (only packed 3, they take up so much space)
• Wet Wipes (it’s messy out there w/o running water)
• Kleenex /Roll of Toilet Paper
• Little Scissors (nose hairs growing down into your mustache is NOT good) and a Nail Clipper
• Mesh Laundry Bag or trash bags
• Shampoo
• Soap (in individual Ziploc baggies)
• Toothbrush and Toothpaste (he won’t floss, the big dummy)
• Deodorant (spray and stick)
• Shave Cream and Disposable Razors
• Purex Three-in-one Detergent and Fabric Softener Sheets

Pack anything that could spill or would be getting wet in Ziploc bags and put in some extras for later.

• One extra pair of Tennis Shoes
• Jacket (consider a raincoat and umbrella also), Parka between late August and June
• 2 Sweaters
• 5 pairs Jeans
• 10 T-Shirts/Button up shirts depending on preference
• A Dozen pairs each Socks and Underpants
• Hat
• Carry on style bag and/or suitcase – prepack to make sure it all fits

Laundry chores will be easier if you choose simple clothing that’s all dark (black, blue, etc.) so you can wash it all together, if you wear white socks and tightie-whities…pack a few white shirts so you have something to wash them with.

Tool Kit (choose carefully depending on available space):
• Tire Pressure Gauge
• Fire Extinguisher
• Flares
• Triangle Reflector Kit
• Ratcheting Screwdriver with bits including Torx and Allen bits
• Crescent Wrench
• Small set of right size open/box end wrenches (for mudflaps, etc)
• Pliers – at least two, and good quality
• Vise Grips – Straight and Curved Jaw – real Vise Grips, not some cheap knock off
• Craftsmen knife
• Wire cutters – good for door seals
• Hammer
• Socket Set – don’t get the 200 piece set … just a small set with the right sizes for your truck
• Good LED flashlight – don’t be cheap here
• JB Weld
• Super Glue
• Gorilla Tape
• WD-40
• Glass Cleaner
• Armor All
• Roll of Shop towels
• Leather work gloves
• Cable ties, various sizes
• Tow Chain and Strap
• Extra Hose clamps, various sizes
• Heater hose tube – a couple feet and a splice adapter for emergencies
• Broom or Leaf Blower to clean out trailer between loads
• Windshield Washer Fluid
• Gallon of Oil
• Gallon of Coolant

1. A set of truck locks (recommend war-lok)
2. GPS unit - with Lifetime Maps (make sure it is a Truck GPS)
3. Logbooks - VIR
4. a CB Radio with micro*****
4. DC to AC Inverter
5. 12 volt Mini fridge
6. 12 volt TV/DVD PLayer
7. Tire Thumper (consider tire pressure monitor)
8. Ionizer
9. A laptop
10.12 Volt microwave

If you are a new driver, some of this will be not necessary or impossible to take while with finishing trainer. Don’t bring any of the tools for that period; wait for your own truck.

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