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Random Tips for an Early Morning Work

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Truckers' hours of duty vary and most of the drivers have pre-trips in the early wee hours of the morning. So I have here just random tips for those of you who are early birds..

1. Working in the dark - for the flatbed guys who do untarping and unstrapping before the light seeps in, you can use a head lamp so both of your hands are free to work See image below:


It's a little piece, very light and useful. You can work faster and easier. You can pick them mostly in hardware stores.

2. Leave before 5 - drive early in the morning so you can arrive in your destination while it's still light out. To avoid rush-hour gridlock, you'll want to enter a highly-urbanized city before evening hours and exit in the early morning.

3. No fuel in the morning - do not buy fuel early in the morning or when temperatures are cooler. If a load of gas is coming from the refinery, even if it a station receives it at 5:00 a.m, the fuel will be hot and stay that way.

This is because most fuel sits in underground tanks and due to their insulative properties, you can't be sure that gasoline will always be at its coolest in the morning.

For early workers out there, feel free to post your tips in the comments box below. Thanks! Drive carefully.

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