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TOP 10 GIfts for Truckers this Christmas!

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One week to go and it's Christmas once again! I bet you are already shopping gifts for your loved ones. Well, for truckers you may consider stuff that can be useful while traveling and can be stored inside their trucks.


Here are some gift ideas for you to ponder on. If you have other great ideas, just feel free to leave in the comments box.

  1. 12 Volt Heated Travel Mug- truckers must stay awake and alert during long hours on the road. Make coffee drinkers happier with travel mugs that can keep their coffee warm. Make sure to have closure lid to reduce spills.
  2. Sunglasses - when the sun is up, it is important that drivers wear sunglasses to reduce glare and protect their eyes. For example, polarized glasses can give them better vision and clarity.
  3. Heated Blanket - give the truck driver in your life a very nice 12-volt heated blanket that warms up quickly and easy to store. This is especially useful during idling hours.
  4. Bluetooth Headset - hands-free driving is a must nowadays, so a good way for truckers to communicate safely and comfortably is to use a bluetooth headset. They can wear it all day and will have a good time talking to friends and family.
  5. Trucker Air Brake Lock - is considered one of the most important gifts you can give away. Truck drivers can place this lock over the air brake knobs and have no-worries leaving their trucks for a short break.
  6. Trucker Custom Seat - help drivers reduce back stress and improve circulation since they spend a lot of time sitting while on the road.
  7. Slow Cooker - most of the truckers are not into drive-thru or truck stop food but rather healthier meals. They prefer food they prepare themselves or their wives. So a slow cooker is a great fit for a hot and satisfying meal.
  8. Mini Fridge-Cooler - truckers need to eat healthy. Give them a cooler that they can just plug in to a 12-volt cigarette lighter so they can store healthier food in their cabs. They can even bring their favorites from home with them.
  9. Satellite Radio - make truckers happy! A satellite radio has fast access to many different radio stations, and it's commercial free. There's even one-touch jump to traffic and weather updates of most congested cities.
  10. GPS for Trucks - another safety gift that you can give is a truck GPS. A dependable unit that can guide and keep drivers safe is a good way of reminding them how much you care about them.

These are just simple items yet, truck drivers would find them useful and convenient. Make their Christmas merrier this time!

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  1. Hapon A-z's Avatar
    I'd say a good pair of work boots. Look for some red wings they are pretty tough wear, or some waterproof boots.
  2. leeby's Avatar
    For the sake of the drivers wife I think they deserve to receive flowers and gifts
    Updated 01-06-2017 at 10:58 AM by Admin

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