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Compliance Tips: What do Owner-Operators Need?

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The lack of information is often the reason why some owner-operators have difficulty with compliance, especially those who are new to the business. Below are some informative solutions that can help you comply with DOT's regulatory requirements.

  1. Driver's Daily Log Books - This helps drivers comply with DOT Hours of Service Rules. Logbooks vary according to use i.e. Logbooks with Simplied DVIR or with Detailed DVIR, Logbooks with NO DVIR, 2 in 1 Logbooks, 3 in 1 Logbooks, 5 in 1 Logbooks, Carbonless or with Carbon.

  2. Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports - This complies with DOT Vehicle Inspection Regulation under §396.11 and §396.13. A complete vehicle inspection is required each day before using the vehicle.

  3. Pocketbook - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations - Helps drivers stay safe while on the road and have quick access to up-to-date regulatory information to stay compliant.

  4. Fleet Safety Compliance Manual - Good reference for FMCSA regulations and DOT's official interpretations, which covers key fleet safety topic with regards to logging, driver qualification, equipment, accidents and many more.

  5. CSA for Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets Manual - Complete Guide to Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA), successful roadside inspections, and positive safety evaluations.

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