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Maria Smith

Kenworth T370 - With the Power and Endurance

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Kenworth T370 is the best in class example of auto engineering to carry a day to day loading and shifting activities. It is an ex****ent medium duty truck designed for handling average sized loading and moving missions. It is available with various styles that are equipped with the Paccar engines. The T370 being a Class 7 vehicle comes in different varieties and its price differs as per the features of the vehicle. Both the variables of a truck and a tractor are available in the T370. It meets different requirements accordingly whether as a straight truck or if needed as a tractor.


Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of T370 model of Kenworth is aerodynamic that gives an optimum output in performance. The hood along with the fenders are manufactured of Metton, a material that makes the vehicle more advanced regarding durability and very low in the overall weight of the vehicle. The bumper keeps the engine cool with its aerodynamic design that renders maximum air intake.
The lighting system is quite advanced which is equipped with optional HID Xenon lights in addition to the standard halogen lamps. The big headlights offer more road coverage as they are placed well below on the fenders that make night driving comfortable inside the Kenworth T370.

The extra cut down glasses included in the side mirrors of the vehicle makes the visibility better at the sides. The T370 stands out with the Bridgestone tires, 295/75R22.5 R250F, which cover the nice aluminum wheels that have a size of 22.5 inches.
The interior of the T370 is very well designed that supports the ease of driving and the operation of the vehicle. The driver and the passenger seats are available with the optional Kenworth Air Cushion Plus and the Kenworth’s Tool Box Plus features. The large windshield along with the side mirrors offers good visibility to the driver. The dashboard is made of hard plastic that can withstand the rough usage of the vehicle. The instrument panel is quite cluttered but at the same time can be however readily available as the gauges are large. The presence of electric windows and power door locks add more to the comfort of the driver’s handling of the T370 truck. There is a good amount of space in the driver’s cabin and the seats as well as the steering wheel can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Engine Performance

The Paccar engine is the major feature of the T370 model that helps the vehicle to deliver its maximum power while on the move. The PX8 and the PX6 Paccar engines are best suited to give high performance in terms of power and acceleration. The remarkable ability of the common rail fuel system assembly that is integrated into the Paccar engines injects the perfect proportion of air and fuel. This is one smart feature of the Paccar engines that makes the T370 safe enough to carry all the load. Most importantly there are hydraulics disc brakes along with the ABS that keeps the rig in place. The rear suspension system is good enough to maintain the T370 rolling with the back load.


For the mid-sized loading activities, Kenworth T370 is an ex****ent option. Its aerodynamic design is quite captivating, and high visibility and responsive steering make it easy for riding on the road. The cabin design could have been better although its power to weight ratio is the best in the market.


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