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Rand McNally Trucker GPS TND 720 New Features

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Note: The Latest Rand McNally Truck GPS is the TND740. 11/5/2017. Admin

The new Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND 720 truck gps is built to help professional drivers in each phase of their work day: Planning, Driving and Reporting. The newest top feature is WiFi connectivity for real-time weather updates. The 720 also allows you to track your fuel cost and usage, so you can always monitor your fuel and energy expenses. What is more helpful is the Bread Crumb Trails record that display the path you have traveled.

Tougher & More Connected
•New ruggedized design
•Upgraded speakers
•Brighter 7" screen
•*Wi-Fi® Connectivity for Weather updates – including storms and wind speeds, displayed along your route
•Rand McNally Dock software - Construction and software updates
•Tell Rand program – incorporates driver feedback right from the device
•Video input for third party back-up cameras
•Bread Crumb Trails
•35% More Truck Routing Info than other GPS units* Weather feature requires Wi-Fi® Internet connectivity

Statistics show that over 500,000 truck accidents happen every year. Additionally, 68% of these accidents occur during the daytime and 78% happen over the weekend. Someone is killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes. The primary cause is driver fatigue. But the lack of awareness and improper routing cause the truckers to accidentaly hit low bridges, road construction sites, and even struggle against storms and low pressures. Below is a video of the TND 720 routing feature.

Additional Features:
•Enhanced Warnings: Includes upcoming speed limit changes, sharp curves, steep hills and time-zone changes
•RoadWork™ Construction Updates: Route around construction, or add time to your route
•Exits Quick View – Find out about truck-friendly locations off the upcoming exits along your route via new button on the map screen
•"Am I Close?": Dynamic street address information appears within the final mile to the destination
•Junction View: Manage complex interchanges in 3-D, with lane guidance
•Warnings for upcoming speed limit changes and sharp curves

As the most trusted GPS System available, Rand McNally has enhanced routing to save you time and fuel. Navigation experience is at its best w/ Turn-by-turn spoken directions and enhanced speakers that are 2X Louder than other units. The IntelliRoute® TND 720 GPS System helps you keep an eye on your profitability and utilize trucker-friendly tools for more convenience.

User-friendly Features:
•Fuel logging – Track purchases and fuel use
•Truck Tools – timers and logs - designed for the truck driver
•Truckers Friend® National Truck Stop Directory – Detailed information on truck stops, weigh stations, service and repair, and rest areas
•Real-time traffic – Current live traffic enabled via additional accessory
•Multi-stop routing – Optimize multiple stops and preview the entire route at a highway level
•Virtual dashboard – Easily access key metrics that help monitor progress and productivity
•Multiple options for finding a destination: By address, zip code, or latitude and longitude
•Enhanced Quick Planner – City to city mileage and profitability calculator, % of load calculator
•Export mileage by state or province for convenient record keeping
•Mile markers – display along your route and use to mark important locations
•Smart Time - Calculate arrival time at destination
•Calendar and notepad

In a fast-changing society, it's always important to keep in pace with the newest technology. As much as we want our livelihood to be much easier and safer everyday, we must consider investing on things that can guide us and keep us well-informed. Awareness is always a key to safety and productivity.

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Updated 11-05-2017 at 10:35 PM by Admin

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  1. Scorpio33M's Avatar
    I am going to trucking school in January and I checked out a lot of gps. I am going to get this one with the camera for the rear.
  2. Hapon A-z's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpio33M
    I am going to trucking school in January and I checked out a lot of gps. I am going to get this one with the camera for the rear.
    Yeah this GPS has an input video for your back-up camera. By the way, which trucking school will you go to Scorpio33M?

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