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    by Published on 05-12-2013 06:12 PM

    The FMCSA Regulations determine the requirements for an EOBR in section 395.2, 395.8 and 395.15. These sections clearly define 2 distinct types of EOBR and the requirements needed to maintain compliancy and avoid expensive fines. The simple difference is that 1 is connected to, and getting data from, the truck and the other is not. Lets take ...
    by Published on 10-09-2012 11:30 PM

    A trucker hits the road, shares a story, and returns home safely.

    The truckers’ home is their truck. This is where they spend most of their weekdays and the road is their wild outside world. A happy trucker gets up early in the morning, stretches up, gathers his stuff and head along the long windy road. Much more, a cautious trucker struggles at night, stays alert and again, hits the dark and unsafe road only to transport products and services badly needed.

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    Thus, this forum is created for you, our truckers and owner-operators. We want you to feel important of yourselves because you really are. You are the core foundation of the local and international Transport and Freight system. You are the road heroes because you make production and operation possible everyday for a lot of businesses. Not only that, you are the heroes of your own families, and they always look forward for your embrace when you return home.

    This as a venue for all the truckers out there. Whether you are driving medium and big trucks, RVs, and even boats, you can all stop by and share your stories at the end of the long trip. You may be hard-pressed for the day, hard-up for the night, but we are hear to listen to you. This is where you can touch base with your fellow truckers, share ideas and tactics on how to provide your trucking needs—and your budget.

    This forum will provide guidance in the best possible way through trucking innovations, quality products, and trucking issues we will discuss everyday. We encourage you to stop over and tell us your story, and we’ll let the world know about it. This is the RoadTrucker’s Forum—This is all about YOU.

    We are all very excited and can’t wait to hear your story! Happy driving!
    by Published on 10-08-2012 11:21 PM

    Years ago, I was up in New York moving furniture for Mayflower when we came to an old black Railroad bridge that looked pretty low. The area was relatively descriptive, as the building on our right side, was an older red brick factory with many of the windows stoned out. I am sure that all of you older drivers are very familiar ...

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