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  • Form 2290 is out. Pre-file your taxes for the tax season 2017-18

    The Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) or form 2290 is an excise tax levied on vehicles operating on public highways. The taxable gross weight for such vehicles fall under the category of 55,000 pounds and upwards. The filing of form 2290 starts by July of every year and continues till June of the following year.

    Form 2290 can be filed in several ways. One of the most common methods is electronic filing using an e-file service provider. Over the years, e-form 2290 has emerged as one of the most reliable and secure, IRS authorized e-file service providers. E-form 2290 offers prompt and expert assistance to its users and ensures the security of the data provided.

    The tax season for the current period is soon to commence and IRS will start accepting returns by July 01, 2017. Late filing of form 2290 can result in fines and delay the process of receiving the Schedule 1 copy as well.

    Most truckers remain busy throughout the tax season and fail to file the taxes on time. But this year, things will change with the option of pre-filing. E-form 2290 provides its users with the option to pre-file their form 2290 before July.

    This option reduces the hassles encountered during actual filing and avoids delays. The IRS will not accept any returns before July, 2017, but once it starts accepting, the pre-filed returns will be the first to be reviewed and given the Schedule 1 copies. The details are furnished just as it is done for regular filing and is stored in the servers till IRS filing opens officially.

    Errors during pre-filing can be corrected and e-form 2290 provides options like free VIN correction, accurate tax calculation, free error correction etc.
    While almost similar to e-filing, pre-filing ensures that your form 2290 is submitted on time so that you do not have to worry about late filing among other things during the chaotic tax season.

    Following is a list of IRS approved efilers. Find one in your area.
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