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    Different types of RVs range from Class A-C Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Pop-Up (Pup), to Truck Campers, and 5th Wheel. Whichever RV you use, one goal should be accomplished during weekend or long week vacation -- and that is to have FUN!

    Sure it is fun out there to be with family and friends and even co-workers if they join in. But there should also be an ample amount of safety measure and of course entertainment to ensure that each and every part of the trip is safe and enjoyable.

    Below I've listed some of the most useful items for RVing and Boating. Most of the appliances are 12-volt so you can plug them into your cigarette lighter socket:

    GPS For RV - Rand McNally, for example, has WiFi Connectivity, New Live Local Search and Fuel Prices on the map. Local Search feature allows you to find Food and Drink, Hospital, Parks, and more. The fuel price search gives you the cheapest fuel available at a closest distance to you.

    Cooking with portable appliances:
    Coffee Maker - either personal or 10-cup coffee maker. Everyone wants to start a day with a hot cup of coffee. So you either brew one for yourself (if kids don't drink coffee), or brew up to 10 cups for the family.
    Breakfast griddle - cook pancakes, eggs, bacon, and other delicious breakfast combo you want
    Sandwich maker/Pizza Maker/Popcorn Popper - great for snack time in the afternoon or even at night when everybody gathers around the campfire or watch movies
    Contact grill/Portable Grill - grill healthy veggies and even steak, pork, chicken, and patties for the group
    Slow Cooker Crock Pot - ideal for road side dining. Put in some of your favorite ingredients and have a tasty meal
    300 Degree 12 Volt Portable Stove - heat soups, stews, leftovers, and pizza slices
    300 Degree Lunchbox Stove - little but powerful. You can warm baby bottles, cook hamburgers, hotdogs, and more
    Hot Pot
    Frying Pan - fry bacon, ham, thin pieces of meat to your liking
    12-volt Microwave - useful all the time. Accommodates containers, plates, mugs
    Bottle/Food Jar Warmer - heat water or soup anytime

    Food Storing:
    ARB 12/24/120 Volts Fridge Freezers - great for storing food, beverage, and ingredients. From 37-quart to 82-quart storage capacity

    Vehicle/Car Vacuum/Handheld vacuum - to clean both wet and dry spills.
    Ionizer - to eliminates odor, dust, and smoke

    Skyworth 12 Volt TV with DVD Player - sit back, relax, and watch your favorite TV shows with your family
    You can also opt for portable roof mount satellite systems like a Mobile Satellite TV Antenna.

    12-Volt Heaters - Time for bed? Knock the chill off with a 12-volt heater
    Electric Heating Blankets/bunk warmers - single and double sizes if a heater is not available

    So far that's it! For boaters, I would recommend the Engel heavy-duty refrigerators-freezers. Have fun and be safe on your next trip! Don't forget to comment below for additional items you would like to mention.
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