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    Every trucker has his or her own way of making a big rig look great. From exhaust stacks and bright lights to smallest detail such as a CB radio micro*****. Most of the time people would stop and stare at a fully designed and custom painted truck with other accessories.

    There are even competitions for creative truck drivers like that of The Heart of America Trucking Show by OOIDA. The show awards independently customized trucks. Last year it was held at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City.

    Another competition Mid America Trucking Show:

    Whenever and wherever, trucks always create an impression. So check out the following bells and whistles you might want to add to your truck:

    1. Chrome Stacks: 5" and 6" Truck Stacks - whether it is Miter, Bull Horn, or Turn Out cut, chrome exhaust stacks create that awesome shine and elegance in trucks.
    2. Mud Flap Hanger - Chrome & Stainless - there are rear light bar mud flap brackets which do not only beautify the truck, but also holds the mud flaps in place. Spring loaded mud flap holder also gives protection to your truck and the vehicles behind you.
    3. Rubber Tarp Straps - straps that will secure your load every time you hit the road. The truck can still look organized even with that big load at the back.
    4. Steel Bumper Guides and Light Bars - Attractive features. Helps keep you safe as well.
    5. Truck Air Horns - make your semi sound like a freight train.

    And for the truck interior, you can always add some style with the accessories you use. Popular items are:

    1. Specialty Coolers - Coca-Cola and Koolatron have signature coolers that you would love.
    2. Built-in Fridge-Freezer - Engel is one of the most innovative brands I've known. It has 48-60 quart unit
    3. CB radio Antennas - One of my favorites. K40 CB Antennas are in 4 colors with the beautiful K40 logo. Coming soon are FireStik, Francis, and Wilson antennas.
    4. CB Radio - Cobra's 25LX and 29LX line of CB radios really look good in the truck interior. Other CB radios include Uniden Bearcat and Galaxy.

    I'm quite sure almost all of the truckers have these accessories but if you have other items and beautiful add-ons you want to share, please don't hesitate to add at the comments box below. Thanks! May you all have beautiful trucks inside out everyday.

    Author: Marie A. Morales
    Marketing Writer
    RoadTrucker Inc

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