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  • How to Store Food Properly - Shelf Life Guide

    At every household, everyone has his or her own way of storing food for future consumption. How long will steak stay fresh in the refrigerator? How long can you keep bread on the countertop? Will I get to enjoy my bacon after several months if I freeze it?

    One can always determine if a food is past its prime, like a smell test. But below is an infographic guide regarding shelf life of food we usually eat everyday (uncut, unopened, and uncooked fruits, veggies, meats, condiments, and other fridge foods).

    My food has gone past its Expiration Date. Is it still safe to consume?
    The little dates you find in food packages refer to quality, not safety. If properly stored, you can eat food beyond its expiration. It is always best to use your eyes and nose to check for possilbe food issues.

    Use-By and Best Before:
    This is provided voluntarily by the manufacturer to inform you of how long the product will remain at its absolute best. The product is still edible after this date but the taste may decline.

    Expires On:
    Found on perishables like milk and dairy. This is a guide for stores to know how long they can display the product. You can eat the product beyond this date as long as it is stored properly.

    Sell By:
    This is usually found on baby food or other products the government regulates with regard to dating. Do not consume past this date.

    Source: USDA, FDA - Infographic by LindsaySnowOsborn -

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