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  • How To: Set-Up Power Hunt Power Port

    Power Hunt has provided two power solutions which you can connect directly to the battery or use an alternate power source to power your Power Hunt appliances.

    This is because your 12-volt lighter plug just doesn't have what it takes to make your 12-volt appliances do an outstanding job.

    The Power Hunt patented power port is different than anything you've ever seen before. The plug and receptacle make it impossible to plug in incorrectly which avoids reverse polarity and damage to your electrical system.

    The receptacle and wiring is heavy gauge to withstand outdoor use and handle enough power to run all of your power hunt products.

    Below is a demo video on how to set-up your Power Hunt power port

    Once you attached the power port to the battery, just plug in any of your power hunt appliances, turn it on, and your appliance is powered up and ready to go.

    As long as your power hunt power port is properly installed, it has no effect in your electrical system. However, just like any other battery operated devices, extended use for several hours could drain the battery. Power Hunt recommends that you start your vehicle periodically to recharge the battery.

    Your battery has hundreds of cranking amps available. Unlike other 12volt products which use only 10 - 12 amps of that power, Power Hunt products use up to 70 amps and have a 100% conversion rate which gives you the power to cook in minutes without leaving you with a dead battery.

    Why is this a better alternative for outdoor use than a power inverter? Inverters waste up to 40% of power during the electrical conversion. This waste of power is converted to heat that affects the internal electronics and can become a fire hazard.

    Furthermore, if used inside the vehicle during warm weather, inverters should acquire additional air conditioning to cool vehicle. Inverters must use home appliances that are not designed for outdoor use and can't stand up to the conditions of travel, trucking, camping, or boating.

    On the other hand, Power Hunt's power supply is 100% efficient, wastes no power, and produces no unwanted heat, as the inverter does, when converting 12-volts to 120-volts. Power Hunt is the real 12-volt appliance that stays in 12-volts.

    Please visit this page for more information.

    Author: Marie A. Morales
    Marketing Writer
    RoadTrucker Inc

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